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About Method Consulting

Armed with decades’ rich experience, will hit-the-ground straight away as there being no learning curve, a prerequisite for new employees.
  • We offer best possible solutions, legal compliant practices gained through experience.
  • We believe in investigating, examining and designing the work force; enabling companies with right blend of experience and talent.
  • We offer flexible, customized services, as there being no ‘one-size’ model that fits all.
  • We understand the needs of the Organization and prepare a customized program to harness the right talent which could be a mix of in-house and lateral entry.

Our Values

  • Fully owned responsibility as we adopt and foster client’s business, with strong focus on optimizing resources, to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Transitioning HR from being business to human centric for ensuring enhanced engagement and positive employee experience.


We, Method Consulting, strategically partners with the client in their brand development, enhance business by maximizing the value of human capital and align it with company policies, ethics and goals.
We strategise with senior management to down the line managers for effective execution.
We endeavour to optimize administrative cost without compromising on quality and effectivness.
We, Method Consulting, acts as a bridge between the employees and employers, representing their concerns in non-partisan and fair manner to the senior management with the aim of increasing their contribution, commitment and loyalty to the organization.
We catalyze continual transformation, shaping processes and culture imperative to an organization’s capacity for change.